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Why do men need casual relationships or a serious relationship?

The solid men in our society work 24/7 to make money and want to make their family happy all the time, but they have never found happiness on their own! If a person works 7 hours a day, 24 hours a day to earn money, he could no longer fight for his family.

After a hectic schedule in the work environment, his mind needs rest and happiness from within. But most of the time when they come home from office they have to deal with wife issues, kids issues,Parents issues lots of pressure, responsibility and formalities which you may not like! Constantly, again and again, every time she does such acts, the boy gets frustrated inside as well as depressed.

You need some fun, entertainment and some fresh air to take this depression out of your life! In return, he wants a casual relationship with a call girl that feels like heaven at times!

Men need peace more than sex & romance!

Yes, here’s another fact! Most men in life need peace, not romance. They want to spend some time with a girl they can share their thoughts and opinions with, and the girl never judges them! She never asked for any gifts, never needed his money, and never asked to be judged or commanded.
She just wants to spend unforgettable moments with her clients! As mentioned above, if you are a male, celebrity escorts in Karachi would be perfect for you.


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